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Are Girls More Empathetic Than Boys?

Research shows that females tend to have higher levels of empathy than males. Our research team was interested in whether the same was true for elementary school students and whether there was anything we could do to change this trajectory by intervening at a young age. Read more...

By Karen Thierry, Ph.D. Director of Research

Seven Ways to Get Girls Interested in STEM

It is widely accepted that careers in STEM fields are dominated by men, and that women and girls do not pursue these fields at the same level as their male peers. Through my research and practices, I want to share seven ways to help girls gain interest in STEM. Read more...

By Jennifer Grauberger, Technology and Media Specialist

How Men and Women Respond to Stress

We often talk about the stress response "fight, flight or freeze". But there's a twist: it might not apply for women. Read more...

By Momentous Institute

Gender Microaggressions - We're All Guilty of Them

Gender microaggressions are small, seemingly innocuous comments that can pile up over time and affect a person’s sense of self and identity. These microaggressions can become so commonplace that we don’t even notice them. Here are a few examples of common gender-related microaggressions... Read more.

By Momentous Institute

Good Morning, Boys and Girls!

It’s common to walk into an elementary school classroom and hear a teacher say, “Good morning, boys and girls!”  Is there any harm in this approach? Let's take a look at the research. 

By Momentous Institute