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Tour Momentous School

Make yourself comfortable and enjoy this full tour of our elementary lab school, where we focus on social emotional health in concert with rigorous academics.

By Momentous Institute

Building Excitement for the School Year

It’s back to school season, which means teachers everywhere are setting up classrooms and getting ready for the new year. At Momentous School, August means home visits: a week-long excursion visiting every student in his/her home. Keep reading...

By Momentous Institute

Summer Reading Goes Digital

The students at Momentous School are hard at work on their summer reading. And we know they're enjoying it, because we can see their progress! Read more about how we went digital with summer reading...

By Jennifer Grauberger, Technology and Media Specialist

Flip the Cafeteria

We made an intentional shift in the way our cafeteria works and it’s made a world of difference. Keep reading...

By Momentous Institute

Closing Circle

Here's how we end every day at Momentous School. 

By Momentous Institute

Morning Meeting

Want to know how we start every day at Momentous School?

By Momentous Institute

What Kind of Teacher do you Want?

Teachers often set expectations for students. But another step is sometimes left out: expectations for the teacher. Read more!

By Momentous Institute

A Calm Down Space

Next stop on our tour of Momentous School... a calm down space. Read what it is and we have one in every classroom!

By Momentous Institute

Mindfulness in the Classroom

Students at Momentous School engage in mindful breathing at least three times a day. How? Why? Watch this brief video to learn more. 

By Momentous Institute

The Happiest Classroom

We don't like to play favorites, but... we do love this classroom! Join us for the next stop on our tour of Momentous School. 

By Momentous Institute