Let's Talk about Gender

In this next series on our blog, we will be exploring the topic of gender. We want to know what makes boys and girls different. How do they learn? How are they treated by adults? Join us as we explore a new series.

By Momentous Institute

Teaching Young People How to Dream

"When I work with young Latinos from at-risk backgrounds, one of the themes that eventually arises are long-term goals. They are often asked to dream big – to consider options outside of their current environment or circumstances. This can be very challenging." Keep reading...

By Jessica Gomez, Psy.D. Director of Clinical Innovation

Prioritizing Students' Cultural Identity

I have taught in settings where most students are Spanish speaking, but they come from a variety of different cultures. As a Mexican-American, I know that each of these cultures is unique and has a big impact on a child’s identity. Keep reading...

By Jorgelina Marin, 3rd Grade Teacher

Working with Undocumented Families

As adults, one of our first instincts is to protect and comfort children who are afraid. But that instinct can be challenging when a child’s fear is real, and there’s nothing we can do to protect them from it. One big area where we see this fear is around the topic of immigration. Keep reading...

By Alina Ramirez-Ponce, Ph.D., LCSW-S, Clinical Director

Why Mindfulness is Essential for Racial Healing

"With great external work in society comes great work within ourselves, too. As we are confronted with emotions that seem too large to hold, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and to let rage drive us." Read more...

By Poonam Desai, Ph.D., LSSP, Mental Health Trainer