Each and every day, our work at Momentous Institute is dedicated to building and repairing social emotional health for kids — providing them the strongest foundation possible so they can achieve their full potential. Through our education and mental health programs, we’re preparing kids — our future leaders — with essential skills necessary to succeed, including self-control, empathy, gratitude, grit and optimism.

Sound familiar? You likely recognize many of these traits in yourself and, therefore understand their rich importance on one’s life. By giving back through your time, expertise or resources, you demonstrate the heart of someone — a changemaker, community influencer — whose life is built upon strong social emotional health.

Our entire budget is raised through the generosity of our community. Since 1968, we have been the primary beneficiary of the AT&T Byron Nelson, hosted by Salesmanship Club of Dallas. We also receive funding through individual, corporate and foundation gifts. Join us today to continue our 95-year legacy of transforming kids’ lives.

Your tax-deductible gift supports our education and mental health services, and helps us expand our reach through training and research. To make a gift, please visit our online donation page, or make your check payable to “Momentous Institute” and mail to:

Momentous Institute

Attn: Jessica Trudeau, MPH

Director of Development and Strategic Partnerships

106 E. 10th St.

Dallas, TX 75203-2296

Tax Employer Identification Number (EIN): 75-1855620

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