Planned Giving

A practice in OPTIMISM | planned giving

Contributions through wills and estates make a significant impact on building a strong, permanent endowment that secures our mission and work to find long-term solutions that help countless kids and family members. Planned gift options include:

  • Join The Red Heart Society® : This special group recognizes those who have included us in their estate, charitable remainder trust, or added Salesmanship Club as a beneficiary to their life insurance policies.
  • Establish a college scholarship endowment: Each year, we provide more than 50 college scholarships to Momentous Institute alumni. A named endowment starts at $100,000.

Red Heart Society Members

C. Thomas Abbott

Michael P. Massad, Jr.

John Howard Aldrich

Robert A. Massad


William Lee McCann


Carl G. McCaslin, Jr.

Robin and Norman P. Bagwell

Robert A. McCulloch

Thomas C. Bain, Jr.

P.M. McCullough

Arthur Z. Barnes Estate

P. Michael McCullough, Jr.

Robert V. Barnes, Jr.

Patrick McEvoy, Jr.

Ben G. Barnett Foundation Trust      

Jack I. McJunkin

Peter B. Bartholow

Louise Nelson Trust

Paul M. Bass, Jr. Estate

Henry Neuhoff III

John A. Beckert

Joseph Boyd Neuhoff

Barbara and Robert J. Bigham, Jr.       

Laurence W. Nixon

Aubrey C. Black

John M. Nolan

Pat S. Bolin

Anne and M. Blair Oden

Glen R. Brown

Ida and Sam Papert Estate

W. Phillip Brown, Jr.

Don S. Pearce

John W. Carver

C. Matson Pearce

Steven Henry Clay

Charles C. Pierce, Jr.

Chester R. Cole Estate

John Allen Pierce Estate

George T. Connell Estate

Charles H. Pistor, Jr. Estate

Edward A. Copley, Jr.

Jeffrey J. Porter

Carol and C. Jack Corgan

Gregory Duane Potter

David R. Corrigan

Alphonso Ragland III

Timothy P. Costello

David Foster Rambie

Mark Edward Crites

Edmund Reeve III

Robert B. Crotty

B.C. Robertson Estate

Charles K. Davis

Rowland K. Robinson

Robert J. DeBeer

Louis J. Schaufele

Edwin L. Delzell

William L. Schilling

T. D. Dickey, Jr. Estate

George R. Schrader

Bernard DiFiore

Frederic N. Scripps

Jon Drago

George A. Shafer

Randall R. Engstrom

Stanley J. Shipley

Gene and Jack Evans Estate

William C. Shuford, Jr.

William H. Flaherty

Kent Skipper

Alan D. Friedman

Douglas C. Smellage

John D. Fulkerson

Robert B. Smith

Gregory Alan Galbraith

James Robert Snell

Felix B. Goldman Estate

John D. Solana

Robert L. Gray

Harold Star, Jr. Estate

Arthur W. Green II

Andrew M. Stern

Terry R. Griffin Estate

Charles P. Storey Estate

Michael P. Haggerty

Frank Swingle

J. Randall Hall

M. Cullum Thompson, Jr.

Arthur J. Harding, Jr.

John W. Titus

Harrell S. Hayden

Gifford O. Touchstone

Janie and Walter T. Henderson

Randolph G. Touchstone

A. C. and O'Rene Horn Estate

Ralph E. Turner

C. O. Horn Estate

Timothy C. Underwood, Jr.

Kathleen and Fred Hoster

Tommy A. Valenta

Don M. Houseman

Steven W. Van Amburgh

Frank B. Houseman

Rose S. Van Wert Estate

J. L. Huffines Estate

Eugene E. Vilfordi Estate

Teri Isaacs

Keith A. Waggoner

James M. Johnston

Alden E. Wagner Estate

Kevin L. Kelley

Webb L. Wallace

Roy Kennedy, Jr. Estate

Robin F. Wantland

Guy H. Kerr

James H. Webb, Jr. Estate

Michelle Kinder

Garry A. Weber

Delane Kinney

William M. Weiss Estate

Barbara and Nick Koeijmans

Lawrence M. Wesson, Jr.

D. Gregg Lafitte

Paul Whitman

Michael James Lafitte

Robert E. Wilbur

Roger Lambourn

Joel T. Williams, Jr. Estate

Katherine Lang Estate

Missy Wilson

Peter A. Lodwick

Robert A. Womble

Michael N. Maberry

Joseph A. I. Worsham

Schuyler B. Marshall

Joseph Irion Worsham II

Michael P. Massad, Sr.

For more information, please contact:

Jessica Trudeau, MPH

Director of Development and Strategic Partnerships