About Our Services

Momentous Institute has been building and repairing social emotional health for over 90 years. The organization serves 6,000 kids and family members directly each year through mental health programs and a social emotional health-based curriculum at its nationally acclaimed Momentous School. In addition to our direct work with kids and families, we invest in research, innovative program development and training - all in an effort to help far more children than we can serve directly. Last year alone, we trained over 5,000 professionals from 20 states.

Becoming a Client

A leading provider of therapeutic services for kids and families in North Texas, Momentous Institute uses a strengths-based approach, tailored to the individual needs of each child and his or her family. With the help of Momentous Institute, families work together to identify and address concerns, establish long-term solutions, and strengthen their bond and commitment. To schedule an appointment or make a referral, please call 214.916.4000.

Professional Development

Would you like Momentous Institute staff to speak to your employees about our work in social emotional health and share ideas and strategies for expanding the lens on trauma-informed care, brain function and self-regulation? To schedule a customized training, please contact: Rhonda Vincent | 214.915.4799.