Back to School

It's back to school season! With students, teachers and parents all preparing for the new year, we've provided a few tips and strategies on how to approach the upcoming school year with social emotional health in mind. 

Teacher Tips

Parent Prep

Building Excitement For The New Year

Incorporating family life into the new school year:

  • Home Visits
    • Momentous School teachers visit each student at the start of each academic year to build excitement for the new year and strengthen the relationship between home and school. Click here to view stories from a few of last year's home visits. 
  • Vision Statements
    • Written statements that help parents crystalize their hopes and dreams for their children in ways that are tangible
  • Parent Center
    • Creating a welcoming space for families to further encourage parent involvement

A Classroom Set-Up for Success

Tips on designing a classroom that develops connection and encourages a sense of belonging:

  • Be Awesome and Love Kids
    • Watch Momentous School teacher Jennifer Hartmann share a story about how relationship building made a difference with a student she was having difficulty reaching. 
  • Family Bulletin Boards
    • When we display photos of our families in and around our classroom, we are making a public gesture that families matter
  • Calm Down Basket/Area
    • Small collection of tools that can help a kid regulate his or herself when feeling overwhelmed