Back to School

It's back to school season! With students, teachers and parents all preparing for the new year, we've provided a few tips and strategies on how to approach the upcoming school year with social emotional health in mind. 

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Teacher Tips: Self-Care Strategies

Parent Prep For Younger Children


Teachers and Parents:

Mindfulness in the Classroom

  • Students at Momentous School engage in mindful breathing at least three times a day. Learn more here

Three Strategies for Parents to Help Children Succeed at School (Without Homework!)

  • While homework aids students with repetition exercises and memory, it can often limit evening family time. These three strategies will help children succeed in school without homework.

Dear White Teachers

  • Are you a white teacher in a classroom with mostly students of color? Do you feel secretly uncomfortable at the idea of talking about race in the classroom? Here are two things to remember. 

Seven Ways to Get Girls Interested in STEM

  • Momentous School's Technology and Media Specialist shared seven ways to help girls gain interest in STEM

A Calm Down Space (classrooms and home)

  • Create spaces solely dedicated to helping children manage their own behaviors. 

Prioritizing Students' Cultural Identity

  • Self-portrait activity to help students a strong sense of self. 

Working with Undocumented Families

  • Advice for adults working with children living in fear of immigration concerns. 


Back to School: Time and Space

Classroom Strategy: Flipped Classroom Agreements