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I Celebrate: A Holiday Activity

This time of year, families are celebrating many different holidays. This activity lets students learn about the different holidays and traditions that their peers celebrate.

Nov 17, 2021

Goals for the Future

There is a moment, or perhaps many moments, when a parent looks at their child and thinks about what they want for their child’s future. And, most parents, whether consciously or not, have a list of goals for their child in each of these areas. So, today, let’s take time to write out that list.

Jul 09, 2021


Vision Statements

We believe that all parents truly want the best for their children and have high hopes and dreams for their futures. At Momentous School, we ask all parents to complete a vision statement for their child. We use these to help guide our students and to refocus on the big picture if things go off-track. We encourage every school to add vision statements to their beginning of the year routine!

Aug 09, 2015