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Family Service Project Guidebook

Many families want to help kids understand the importance of acts of service and helping others in their community. But doing a service project as a family can feel overwhelming! Where do you start? What projects can kids participate in? How do you ensure that they’re getting the most out of the project, and that the project is really helpful to others? Download our quick guide with checklists, fill-in-the-blanks and example projects to build your own family service project. 

Jan 09, 2023
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Limit Setting 101

Anyone who works with children must sometimes set limits. But many also struggle with this task. In this post, we discuss what limits are, why they're important, and how to set effective limits. 

Jan 03, 2023

Talk About It: A Conversation Starter Kit for Families

Ever have that “Sooo… how was your day?” conversation lull? We’ve all been there. That’s why we created “Talk About It! A Conversation Starter Kit for Families”. This digital download comes with conversation starters, tips for building great conversation, and even a template for a box so you can keep the cards on the table for easy conversation starters any time you’re gathered.  

Nov 16, 2022

Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

It’s the season of gratitude! And what better way to focus on gratitude than to make it a fun game? Consider a gratitude scavenger hunt. Check out our ideas for how to help kids notice all the many things there are to be thankful for through this simple activity. 

Nov 08, 2022

Talking with Kids about Uvalde: A Step-by-Step Guide

It’s the conversation no parent ever wants to have. But in light of this week’s tragic school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, parents are once again faced with the agonizing task of explaining violence and tragedy to their children. 

May 26, 2022

​When Kids are Anxious about Vaccines

Flu season, Covid tests, and now… the Covid vaccine, children everywhere are encountering shots and swabs that might leave some kids anxious or fearful. How can we help kids by making shots and routine medical procedures as easy and painless as possible?

Nov 15, 2021

Positive Discipline: The ABCs

Practicing positive discipline can be difficult, especially when a child is misbehaving and you need to correct the behavior immediately. The good news is that we have a tool to help in this type of situation - The ABCs.

Jul 29, 2021

When Time Outs Don't Work

If you find yourself hitting a dead end with time outs, it may be time to try something new. Read more about this time out alternative.

Jul 27, 2021

Let's Talk About Positive Discipline

Positive and discipline are not two words that you normally see used together. Typically, discipline holds a heavy, negative connotation. However, we can follow three steps to help make discipline both effective and (relatively) painless. 

Jul 16, 2021

Three Things to Teach Kids About Feelings

Human beings have a lot of feelings. Knowing what to do with those feelings is what helps us become emotionally intelligent, self-compassionate, resilient human beings. And like many things, this starts young. So today we want to share three things we can teach children about their feelings. 

Jul 13, 2021

Goals for the Future

There is a moment, or perhaps many moments, when a parent looks at their child and thinks about what they want for their child’s future. And, most parents, whether consciously or not, have a list of goals for their child in each of these areas. So, today, let’s take time to write out that list.

Jul 09, 2021

Tips for Helping Kids Adjust to a New Baby

You just brought home a new little bundle of joy but suddenly your older child is exhibiting all kinds of out-of-character behavior. Here are a few tips to consider when introducing a new child into the family.

Jul 06, 2021

Supporting Parents of LGBTQIA+ Youth

Just as LGBTQIA+ youth are on a journey, so are parents. A parent’s process can show up in different ways depending on the family. In this post, we talk about some of the common phrases we hear from parents plus some tips we encourage parents to consider. 

Jun 21, 2021

When Teens Push Back

In the teen years, conflict is normal and to be expected. What parents should consider is to pick conflicts that will be productive. What does that mean? 

Jun 15, 2021

How to Talk to Children About Coronavirus

There’s no question that the Coronavirus COVID-19 is taking over our thoughts and conversations. This has left many parents wondering what they should say – and not say – to their children. Here are a few things to keep in mind in deciding what to share. 

Mar 13, 2020

Three Tips for Healthy Sleep

Tired children have a harder time focusing at school, regulating their emotions and interacting with their peers. We have three tips to help your children get healthy sleep.

Mar 09, 2020

Three Holiday Strategies for Stressed-Out Parents

Thanks to Norman Rockwell and other idealistic portrayals of the holiday season, expectations for blissed-out perfection run high at this time of year. Reality, however, rarely measures up. Schedules are off, sugar intake is high, and Aunt Thelma is in town… Yikes!

Here are three strategies to help navigate holiday stressors. 

Dec 05, 2018

Building Excitement for the School Year

It’s back to school season, which means teachers everywhere are setting up classrooms and getting ready for the new year. At Momentous School, August means home visits: a week-long excursion visiting every student in his/her home. Keep reading...

Aug 14, 2017

Technology and Parenting

Technology isn't going away, but childhood is. This post is a friendly reminder to put away your phone and be present with your children. 

Mar 28, 2017


You're wandering the aisles at the grocery store. Then, it happens. The tantrum. 

Mar 16, 2017

Have Fun

Let’s be honest – kids don’t need another boring adult telling them what to do.

Mar 13, 2017

Blended Families

In this post, we discuss how to manage romantic relationships when children are involved. Keep reading...

Mar 11, 2017

What is Attunement?

There's one very important concept we want everyone to know: attunement. What is attunement, and what do you need to know about it?

Feb 27, 2017

Love Lens

There are really two ways to navigate the world. We can move away from things we fear, or we can move towards things we love.

Jan 30, 2017

Flash Forward

It's so easy to get caught up in the daily work of raising teenagers that we forget to look forward. Keep reading...

Jan 23, 2017


Inside your teenager is the sweet little girl she once was. Take a moment to remember that. 

Jan 16, 2017

Avoid Catastrophizing

"If your teenager fails a test, that doesn’t mean she will never go to college. If your teenager gets in a fight, that doesn’t mean he’ll end up in prison." Keep reading...

Jan 09, 2017

It's Not Personal

If teenagers have a superpower, it’s the ability to shoot a dagger right where it hurts. Say it with us now. It's not personal. 

Jan 02, 2017


Family Engagement

Why is it important for schools and teachers to build relationships with students' families? And how can you start?

We’re big on parent involvement at Momentous School. We want families to be connected to each other and form a supportive community, which then influences their involvement in the school community. We want our school to be a warm, welcoming space for families.

Jul 01, 2022
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The Growing Brain | "How to Talk to Kids about the News" | Animated

From The Growing Brain podcast episode, How to Talk to Kids about the News with Garica Sanford: In today's 24-hour news cycle, it can be difficult to know when - and how - to talk to kids about what is happening. How much is too much? How do we talk about difficult things in an age-appropriate way? How do we respond to their questions? In this episode, we'll look at answers to these questions and more. 

Jan 25, 2021

Home Strategies | Blanket Play

Blankets are a great tool for you and your partner to use for building better connection with your child, though, depending on the age or excitement of your child, they can be a little risky. So, it's important to know your child and figure out the best way to use this tool to your advantage!

Dec 09, 2020

Vision Statements

We believe that all parents truly want the best for their children and have high hopes and dreams for their futures. At Momentous School, we ask all parents to complete a vision statement for their child. We use these to help guide our students and to refocus on the big picture if things go off-track. We encourage every school to add vision statements to their beginning of the year routine!

Aug 09, 2015


Episode 19: ADHD: Now What?

In this episode we dive into all things ADHD with guest Ivette Lampl, a therapist who has spent her career working with kids with ADHD, and is a mom of two kids with ADHD.

May 25, 2020
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Episode 17: Helping Parents Manage Anxiety in Children, Part 1

In this two-part series, we’ll discuss what anxiety looks like in children, and what we can do to best support children who suffer from anxiety. This episode features guest Dr. Ernie Fernandez, a local pediatrician, about the medical aspect of anxiety – what is happening in the brain, medication, and more.

Apr 27, 2020

Episode 16: Helping Kids with Sensory Challenges

Itchy tags, bright lights, loud noises, a constant need to be touched – these can all be signs of children with sensory challenges. Join guest Amelia Baladez to learn more about what parents can know to help manage sensory challenges at home and out in the world.

Apr 13, 2020

Episode 15: Understanding Girls

What should parents know about how girls operate in the world? How should we prepare for the teen years? What is important to girls? In this episode we dive into all things girls with guest Tania Loenneker.

Mar 30, 2020

Episode 14: Understanding Boys

Certainly all children are different, but there are many commonalities among boys. Diving into all things boys is guest Dr. Matthew Leahy who shares his learning from the past decade of working with boys.

Mar 16, 2020

Episode 13: A Healthy Night's Sleep

We all know sleep is important. But why? What happens when children sleep? How much do they need? How can we ensure they get quality sleep? Learn all about sleep in this episode with guest Dr. Laura Vogel.

Mar 03, 2020

Episode 12: Managing those Dreaded Tantrums

We’ve all been there. There’s nothing worse than a poorly timed tantrum in the middle of a busy day. But in this episode, we discuss ways to manage tantrums in the moment, and even how to avoid them altogether (at least sometimes!).

Feb 03, 2020

Episode 10: How to Talk to Kids about the News

In today's 24-hour news cycle, it can be difficult to know when - and how - to talk to kids about what is happening. How much is too much? How do we talk about difficult things in an age-appropriate way? How do we respond to their questions? In this episode, we'll look at answers to these questions and more.

Jan 06, 2020

Episode 8: Effective School Communication

Every parent who sends a child to school deals with appropriate ways to communicate effectively with the school. We talk about parent conferences, how to respond when things aren't going well, and other tips for getting started on the right foot.

Dec 09, 2019

Episode 4: Making Sense of The Teen Years

Teenagers! There's so much to love, and also… a few things to be curious, worried or just confused about. In this episode, we dive into what's happening in the brain of teenagers, and how parents can respond.

Oct 14, 2019

Episode 3: What is Attachment?

The amazing Dr. Tina Payne Bryson, co-author of New York Times best-sellers The Whole-Brain Child and No Drama Discipline gives us the run down on attachment. What is it, and why should parents know about it? 

Sep 27, 2019

Episode 2: Positive Discipline

We've never met a child who has never misbehaved, so every parent needs to know how to effectively use discipline. In this episode, we learn discipline strategies that help build children's capacity to make good choices. 

Sep 13, 2019

Episode 1: The Growing Brain and How it Works

In this episode, we talk all about the brain. How are children's brains wired and developed over time? What should parents know about the growing brain? Learn this and more in the first episode of The Growing Brain.

Sep 06, 2019