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Avoid Catastrophizing

"If your teenager fails a test, that doesn’t mean she will never go to college. If your teenager gets in a fight, that doesn’t mean he’ll end up in prison." Keep reading...

By Momentous Institute

It's Not Personal

If teenagers have a superpower, it’s the ability to shoot a dagger right where it hurts. Say it with us now. It's not personal. 

By Momentous Institute

Three Holiday Strategies for Stressed-Out Parents

Thanks to Norman Rockwell and other idealistic portrayals of the holiday season, expectations for blissed-out perfection run high at this time of year. Reality, however, rarely measures up. Schedules are off, sugar intake is high, and Aunt Thelma is in town… Yikes!

Here are three strategies to help navigate holiday stressors. 

By Momentous Institute

The Consultant

So you're trying to connect with a teenager and getting nowhere. Try putting her in the role of consultant! 

By Momentous Institute

I Wonder

Got a teenager who won't talk? Try this simple strategy!

By Momentous Institute