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Family Engagement

Why is it important for schools and teachers to build relationships with students' families? And how can you start?

We’re big on parent involvement at Momentous School. We want families to be connected to each other and form a supportive community, which then influences their involvement in the school community. We want our school to be a warm, welcoming space for families.

Jul 01, 2022
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Safe Relationships: Consistency and Predictability

Creating safe relationships in the classroom can be your number one priority as a teacher, but it can be daunting. Each student is different, so how can you connect with them in a safe and meaningful way? Our very own, Keisha Wright, opens up the conversation!

Oct 03, 2019

Safe Relationships: Common Interests

If you're looking to create safe relationships with students in the classroom, one easy way is to connect with them through shared, common interests. Our own Matthew Leahy, Ph.D. explains!

Oct 03, 2019

Safe Relationships: Praise

As teachers, we tend to focus on the negative of what students are outputting, but when building safe relationships, it's important to not be afraid to praise students on their efforts! Lauren Mann, Ph. D. tells us more about it!

Oct 03, 2019

Safe Relationships: The Pressure of Building Relationships

Building Safe Relationships with your students is not an easy task, especially when you're working under academic pressure. We all want our kids to do well, so Kelly Richmond gives us 3 easy steps to remember when working towards safe relationships (chances are you might be doing them without realizing!).

Oct 03, 2019