Use the adorable toad as a way to help kids express gratitude... or rather, grati-TOAD.

By Momentous Institute | Apr 06, 2015
Grati Toad

This idea comes from a friend’s church, and we’ve taken it and applied it to the gratitude work we do with our kids.
The grati-toad is a concrete way for kids to express gratitude. Basically, you give the kid a toad (a cheap-o dollar store toad is perfectly fine) and have them pose the toad with something that they’re grateful for and snap a picture.

I'm grateful for the library
If you’re doing this with a group, such as a whole class, you can either give each kid his own toad, or you can circulate one toad around, maybe giving each kid a day to take the toad home and return it the following day.

I'm grateful for my lunch and the lunch ladies
Make sure you print the pictures and display them in an accessible place. It’s important for kids to be reminded of gratitude, not just at the moment that they’re grateful, but later as well. The grati-toad is such a fun, easy way to get kids thinking about gratitude. Who doesn’t love a cute toad?