Letter from the Executive Director

Hear from Dr. Jessica Gomez on the three truths of Momentous Insitute as she completes her first year as Executive Director.

By Momentous Institute | Jun 21, 2022
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Buenos días! I’d like to start by expressing gratitude for your time, attention, and the many ways you show your support for Team Momentous. As I mark my first anniversary as Executive Director of this amazing organization, there are three truths that have been confirmed:

The child’s perspective must guide adult decision-making. As a psychologist (and simply as a human) I always recognized the incredible importance of investing in the well-being of children. Now, as Momentous Institute’s executive director, I find myself imagining a world in which we challenge ourselves to filter the decisions we make through a lens of, “how will this impact our future? Our children? What is the world we are creating for them to grow and thrive in?”


Every contribution matters. This work relies on the wisdom and generosity of so many different people. I am humbled each time I witness a clinician holding hope for a child working to overcome challenges, or a teacher offering a high five to a student who’s reached an academic milestone. In and around these daily events, we have Club members who are devoted mentors, Reading Buddies and all-around champions for our mission. We have donors who also prioritize the well-being and success of children, passionately working to ensure access to those most in need.

Learning and adapting never stops. Every day, I witness so many examples of individuals coming together, sharing insight and resources, demonstrating curiosity about each other, and providing support and encouragement when the load gets heavy. This is how we build strong and healthy families and equitable communities.

From our campuses in Dallas, to our Camp in Hawkins, to our work with partners in Texas and in Zambia – these truths are embraced as we work to help children to thrive as whole persons, equipped with the knowledge and practices that allow them to understand themselves, their emotions, and relationships.

Thanks once again for making it possible.