Mindful Analogies

Momentous Institute Psychologist Dr. Matt Leahy discusses using mindful analogies to answer the question, "Why am I in therapy?"

By Matt Leahy, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist | Nov 05, 2014
Mindful Analogy 01

Dr. Matt Leahy, Clinical Psychologist for Momentous Institute recently wrote a guest blog on Psych Central about how to handle the question, "Why am I in therapy?" He recommends using a mindful analogy. From the article:
For elementary school-aged children, a mindful analogy is often an excellent tool to employ. Analogies help children make sense of concepts that often aren’t easily explained.
It’s remarkable to see how a mindful analogy created in tandem with a child can help him or her understand questions such as why therapy is important and necessary.
We love the analogy he uses in the example about a car on a road trip. To read the full article, CLICK HERE.

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