Mindfulness 101

When we practice mindfulness, we are happier, healthier and have improved overall well-being. Sounds pretty great, right? Read on for more.

By Momentous Institute | Feb 13, 2015
Mindfulness 101

Mindfulness 101 Quotes

Mindful awareness is a practice that improves our ability to tune into the present moment. In this state, we’re happier, healthier, and have improved overall well-being. As we focus on this skill of impulse control, we think it is wise to spend some time talking about mindfulness. After all, the two are closely linked. When we work to control our impulses, we are practicing mindful awareness. We are paying attention to the present moment and resisting impulses that pull us in other directions.
We’re well aware of the positive effects that mindfulness has on adults. But now we also know that mindful awareness is beneficial for children of all ages. Kids who are able to calm down, focus attention, and exercise self-control are in a great position for lifelong success.
Mindfulness doesn’t necessarily mean sitting cross-legged and meditating (but it can!) Mindfulness is more about a state of mind that is calm, centered, and focused.
We’ll share simple, easy-to-use mindfulness strategies that can help the children in your life. You’ll also find that the more you encourage this in children, the more you’ll also experience the positive results yourself.