Our Unwavering Commitment

There is no pathway towards a mentally healthy community without addressing systemic racism and the resulting racial trauma. This is not someone else’s fight. This is our collective fight. And we are committed for the long-haul.

By Momentous Institute | Jun 04, 2020
Blog Post

At Momentous Institute, we know through our work with trauma and adversity that sitting quietly with one’s deepest struggles is the antithesis to the process of healing. For 100 years, Momentous Institute, powered by the Salesmanship Club of Dallas and supported by the AT&T Byron Nelson, has provided services to children and families in Dallas County and gained expertise in walking with families who have experienced complex trauma. 

As such, we stand steadfast in bringing experiences that cause racial trauma--including police brutality and systemic racial injustice -- into the light. Systematic reform is the only way to prevent future racial trauma, allowing children and families to flourish and communities to thrive.

As are so many, we too are confounded and distraught that so soon following the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, we find ourselves grappling with the killing of George Floyd. We also recognize that Arbery, Taylor and Floyd sadly represent a long list of African American men, women and children who have faced similar fates. In response to these events, we are partnering with and creating space for families to openly discuss and process:

  • Their pain, grief and anger about a system that continues to overlook and suppress their rights, needs and hopes, simply because of the color of their skin. 
  • How to answer hard questions from their children about the police and whether they will be safe.
  • How to cope with racial trauma from past police brutality that they have experienced.
  • How to cope with both losing a family member to COVID-19 and navigating the pain and suffering that they are experiencing in this moment.
  • How to manage the stress and anger that comes from peacefully protesting and trying not to give up hope that nothing will ever change.

We recognize that this is not new. Today, we stand in solidarity with those that are peacefully protesting for change. We stand in solidarity with our African American colleagues and community. We stand in solidarity with police officers in Dallas and across the nation that are joining in these peaceful protests and committed to healing. Momentous Institute’s unwavering commitment to be an active ally for racial equality includes:

  • Providing our direct services and work to heal racial trauma – we serve more than 5,000 children and family members through low barrier, therapeutic programming. We are committed to sustaining this work to ensure all are able to receive support in recovering from racial trauma.
  • Using our platform to disseminate information to support families in healing from racial trauma and education systems to examine practices that perpetuate racial bias. Next week, we will launch a targeted blog series on our lessons in supporting families and providers in Dallas and across the nation to heal and recover.

There is no pathway towards a mentally healthy community without addressing systemic racism and the resulting racial trauma. This is not someone else’s fight. This is our collective fight. And we are committed for the long-haul.  

Jessica Trudeau, Executive Director

Heather Bryant, Director of Innovation & Impact               

Michiko Clutter, Director of Research & Evaluation

Karla Crow, Executive Assistant

Robin Doeden, Director of Development & Strategic Partnerships

Jim Jackson, Director of Operations

Daniel Knoll, Momentous School Principal

Sandy Nobles, Director of Education

Patty Pickard, Senior Director of Finance

Susan Ruel, Director of Marketing

Laura Vogel, Director of Therapeutic Services

Kate Whidden, Director of Leadership & Governance