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Praise the Process

Perhaps the simplest way to build resilience in kids is to just switch our language. Try this!

Sep 18, 2015
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A Perfectly Messed Up Story

Kids will love this funny read-aloud book about a kid named Louie whose story just keeps getting ruined. Poor Louie! He can’t tell his story because it keeps getting messed up. Keep reading...

Sep 16, 2015

Take in the Good

We've all done it: focused all of our energy on that one negative comment rather than the 100 positive comments. Dr. Rick Hanson explains why.

Sep 14, 2017

Time Capsule

We all want our children to be kind and successful, and yet we often don’t fully articulate those visions. Try this!

Sep 11, 2015


There are plenty of books about persisting with something and thinking outside the box, but few as funny and creative as Stuck. Read our review!

Sep 23, 2015

Why I Banned the Word Easy

I know "easy" isn't a bad word in the traditional sense. But here's why I banned it in my classroom.

Aug 31, 2015


Imagine this: a child gets an A on her spelling test. You tell her, “Great job! You are really smart.” Nothing wrong with that, right?

Sep 21, 2014

The Tooth

Read our book review of The Tooth by Avi Slovdovnick, and check out the video!

Nov 30, 2015

Quitting vs. Failure

What do you do when your 8-year old decides she no longer likes soccer halfway through the season? Do you ask her to stick it out so that she’s not a quitter? Do you teach her to follow through with her commitments? Do you let her walk away?

Sep 30, 2015


Do you know a kid who gives up when things aren't working out for him? Read "Ish" and remind him that just because we didn't get it right the first time, we definitely shouldn't give up.

Sep 09, 2015

Home Visits

Momentous School teachers visit each student in his/her home at the start of the school year. Watch this video to learn more about the impact that home visits make on the kids, parents, and teachers all year long.

Aug 10, 2015

Kids Talk: Empathy

What is empathy? Delilah, an 8-year old and second grade student at Momentous School can tell you!

Jul 13, 2015

Perspective Lens

Get yourself a large magnifying glass and use it as your "perspective lens" to help kids see another person's perspective.

Jul 03, 2015

Seven Blind Mice

Like the seven blind mice, kids need to learn the important lesson that we don't always see things in the same ways as others, but that another person's perspective is just as important as our own.

Jun 26, 2015

Empathy and Optimism Research

At Momentous Institute, we talk all the time about social emotional health. We say, “This stuff matters” and “This stuff works!” As a researcher, I wanted to substantiate these claims with data. So I began a research study about the effects of our social emotional curriculum on academic outcomes.

Sep 21, 2014

The Whole-Brain Child

The Whole-Brain Child is one of our favorite books for anyone who works with kids. Read this quick review, and then grab a copy and read the whole thing!

Oct 31, 2014

Mindful Analogies

Momentous Institute Psychologist Dr. Matt Leahy discusses using mindful analogies to answer the question, "Why am I in therapy?"

Nov 05, 2014


Harllee Partner Project - Amber Shields

Harllee's new principal, Amber Shields, talks about her excitement in starting her first year as Principal for Harllee Early Childhood Center and working with Momentous!

Oct 03, 2019
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Positive Discipline

Momentous Institute's Director of Education shares how she approaches discipline with social emotional health in mind. 

Jun 13, 2014

Home Visits

Before the start of each new academic year, Momentous School teachers visit students at their homes.  This helps build a great relationship between home and school.

Jan 26, 2015

Home Visits 101

Learn more about how Momentous School visits each of our Pre-K families in their home throughout their first year. Home visits help strengthen the parent-school connection and set students up for success both at school and at home.

Jan 26, 2015

Got Stress? Stress and the Brain

Got Stress? Frankie Perez and Fred Lines of Momentous Institute explain stress in a way that is easy to understand. Make sure to check out our Got Stress? strategies!

Mar 23, 2015

Got Stress?

Got Stress? Watch Momentous Institute experts explain toxic stress and four simple strategies to combat it.

Mar 23, 2015

Kids Talk: The Brain

Momentous School Kindergarten student Taryn shares about the brain in the Kids Talk series

Jun 02, 2015

Flash Focus on Relationships

Flash Focus on Relationships, a presentation from staff at Momentous Institute. Jennifer Hartmann shares about Relationships: The Difference that Makes a Difference.

Dec 08, 2015

Vision Statements

We believe that all parents truly want the best for their children and have high hopes and dreams for their futures. At Momentous School, we ask all parents to complete a vision statement for their child. We use these to help guide our students and to refocus on the big picture if things go off-track. We encourage every school to add vision statements to their beginning of the year routine!

Aug 09, 2015

Flip the Clip

Most teachers are familiar with the classic clip chart, a behavior management technique designed to help students control their behavior and make good choices. Flip the Clip turns this concept into a method that is positive, respectful and results in a classroom culture with strong social emotional health.

Oct 03, 2019

Safe Relationships: Consistency and Predictability

Creating safe relationships in the classroom can be your number one priority as a teacher, but it can be daunting. Each student is different, so how can you connect with them in a safe and meaningful way? Our very own, Keisha Wright, opens up the conversation!

Oct 03, 2019

Safe Relationships: Common Interests

If you're looking to create safe relationships with students in the classroom, one easy way is to connect with them through shared, common interests. Our own Matthew Leahy, Ph.D. explains!

Oct 03, 2019

Safe Relationships: Praise

As teachers, we tend to focus on the negative of what students are outputting, but when building safe relationships, it's important to not be afraid to praise students on their efforts! Lauren Mann, Ph. D. tells us more about it!

Oct 03, 2019

The Hand Model of the Brain

Try this quick way to explain the brain with your hand. We love this concept from Dan Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson. 

Oct 03, 2019

Safe Relationships: The Pressure of Building Relationships

Building Safe Relationships with your students is not an easy task, especially when you're working under academic pressure. We all want our kids to do well, so Kelly Richmond gives us 3 easy steps to remember when working towards safe relationships (chances are you might be doing them without realizing!).

Oct 03, 2019

My Brain Music Video

My brain is the most important part of me! Allow these Perea Elementary Students in Memphis, Tennessee to teach you about their brain in this catchy song written by LaChelle Walker.

Oct 03, 2019

Cup and Saucer

Next time your child or student is having a hard time handling their emotions, remember that their cup is still growing!

Oct 04, 2019

2nd Grade Service Project

For our 2nd grade service project, the students worked together in organizing the different grades and faculty to bring in hats and gloves to the Joppa community here in South Dallas.

Jan 17, 2020

The Science of Empathy

What is empathy and why is it important? Whether its for creating long lasting relationships, or just helping to understand different perspectives, empathy is a vital tool that everyone has access to! Learn more!

Apr 30, 2020


Episode 1: The Growing Brain and How it Works

In this episode, we talk all about the brain. How are children's brains wired and developed over time? What should parents know about the growing brain? Learn this and more in the first episode of The Growing Brain.

Sep 06, 2019

Episode 2: Positive Discipline

We've never met a child who has never misbehaved, so every parent needs to know how to effectively use discipline. In this episode, we learn discipline strategies that help build children's capacity to make good choices. 

Sep 13, 2019

Episode 3: What is Attachment?

The amazing Dr. Tina Payne Bryson, co-author of New York Times best-sellers The Whole-Brain Child and No Drama Discipline gives us the run down on attachment. What is it, and why should parents know about it? 

Sep 27, 2019
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Episode 4: Making Sense of The Teen Years

Teenagers! There's so much to love, and also… a few things to be curious, worried or just confused about. In this episode, we dive into what's happening in the brain of teenagers, and how parents can respond.

Oct 14, 2019

Episode 8: Effective School Communication

Every parent who sends a child to school deals with appropriate ways to communicate effectively with the school. We talk about parent conferences, how to respond when things aren't going well, and other tips for getting started on the right foot.

Dec 09, 2019

Episode 10: How to Talk to Kids about the News

In today's 24-hour news cycle, it can be difficult to know when - and how - to talk to kids about what is happening. How much is too much? How do we talk about difficult things in an age-appropriate way? How do we respond to their questions? In this episode, we'll look at answers to these questions and more.

Jan 06, 2020

Episode 12: Managing those Dreaded Tantrums

We’ve all been there. There’s nothing worse than a poorly timed tantrum in the middle of a busy day. But in this episode, we discuss ways to manage tantrums in the moment, and even how to avoid them altogether (at least sometimes!).

Feb 03, 2020

Episode 13: A Healthy Night's Sleep

We all know sleep is important. But why? What happens when children sleep? How much do they need? How can we ensure they get quality sleep? Learn all about sleep in this episode with guest Dr. Laura Vogel.

Mar 03, 2020

Episode 14: Understanding Boys

Certainly all children are different, but there are many commonalities among boys. Diving into all things boys is guest Dr. Matthew Leahy who shares his learning from the past decade of working with boys.

Mar 16, 2020

Episode 15: Understanding Girls

What should parents know about how girls operate in the world? How should we prepare for the teen years? What is important to girls? In this episode we dive into all things girls with guest Tania Loenneker.

Mar 30, 2020

Episode 16: Helping Kids with Sensory Challenges

Itchy tags, bright lights, loud noises, a constant need to be touched – these can all be signs of children with sensory challenges. Join guest Amelia Baladez to learn more about what parents can know to help manage sensory challenges at home and out in the world.

Apr 13, 2020

Episode 17: Helping Parents Manage Anxiety in Children, Part 1

In this two-part series, we’ll discuss what anxiety looks like in children, and what we can do to best support children who suffer from anxiety. This episode features guest Dr. Ernie Fernandez, a local pediatrician, about the medical aspect of anxiety – what is happening in the brain, medication, and more.

Apr 27, 2020

Episode 19: ADHD: Now What?

In this episode we dive into all things ADHD with guest Ivette Lampl, a therapist who has spent her career working with kids with ADHD, and is a mom of two kids with ADHD.

May 25, 2020


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