Showing Up for Educators

Learn about ways we have stayed dedicated to educators despite the changes of 2020 and head to the e-store to see all the products.

By Momentous Institute | Dec 03, 2020
Showing Upfor Educators Blog 01

Education has changed. Though there have been many challenges, Momentous Institute continues its commitment to be a thought leader and resource for educators as they overcome obstacles in 2020.

In efforts to stay present for educators, training staff quickly worked to shift its training programs to virtual webinars. To date, 2,500 individuals have been hosted through our webinars, focusing on topics like “Distance Social Emotional Learning” and “How to Prioritize Teachers’ Mental Health”. To further serve as a resource, the organization also created free blog content to guide teachers in navigating the new educational landscape. Articles such as “How and Why to Start Each Day with a Classroom Morning Meeting” and “How to Answer Kids Questions About COVID” are just a few examples of ways to prioritize children’s mental health. 

Momentous Institute created and launched its first-ever e-store so that educators, mental health professionals and parents can shop their favorite Momentous Institute products online. Popular items include the Glitter Ball, Calm Down Box and many more. Visit the e-store today!