Sometimes I'm Bombaloo

Check out our book review of the children's book "Sometimes I'm Bombaloo" by Rachel Vail.

By Momentous Institute | Dec 31, 2014
Book Review

Book Review: Sometimes I’m Bombaloo
By Rachel Vail
What it’s about:
The book starts with, “My name is Katie Honors, and I’m a really good kid.” But sometimes she’s not Katie. Sometimes she’s Bombaloo (angry). A little time alone and a lot of love is all she needs to calm down.
What we love about it:
All kids get angry! The book gives words and pictures to an emotion that all kids experience, but not all kids know how to manage it. She says, “I have to go take some time for myself and think about it. But when I’m Bombaloo, I don’t want to think about it. I want to smash stuff.” The book doesn’t excuse the anger, and it doesn’t judge the anger. It just acknowledges it, and talks about all the good stuff that comes before and after Bombaloo.
Give Sometimes I’m Bombaloo a read with kids and let us know what they think!