The Happiest Classroom

We don't like to play favorites, but... we do love this classroom! Join us for the next stop on our tour of Momentous School. 

By Momentous Institute | May 29, 2017
Happiest Classroom 3

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We don’t like to play favorites, but the 3-year-old classroom might be our favorite room in the school. Everything is so little! And cute!

We offer half-day Pre-K for our 3-year-old students. On the first day of the school year, we require parents to stay for the entire half-day session. This helps alleviate some of the anxiety of being away from their parents for the first time – and, let’s be honest – helps alleviate some of the parents’ anxiety, too! Pictures of this first day of school are on display to help build that connection between school and home.

There are so many great displays in this classroom so we’ll just highlight a few.

Our amazing teachers start the students young by teaching them about the brain. Here’s a more detailed post about why we should teach kids about their brain. The short version is that the more a child understands her brain, the better she’s able to control and regulate her emotions and reactions.

In the PK-3 room, there’s a poster teaching three parts of the brain. They also have a brain hat.

Also important when teaching young children is work around self-regulation. Our 3-year-olds learn how to pay attention to their breath through simple breathing activities. The students will circle up on the rug and listen to a chime while breathing in and out slowly. They’ll also do breathing activities such as laying on their back with a beanie baby and watching it move slowly up and down. They breathe in line before leaving the room, or as they come back into the room. There are reminders of this breathing all throughout the room with pictures and displays.

The PK-3 room might look like a fun play room. There are blocks, a toy kitchen, baby dolls, and a sand table. A significant portion of the 3-year-old’s day is spent playing. Young children learn through play. Through play, the children are learning how to problem solve when their friend wants the same toy. They’re learning how to build a tower that won’t fall down. They’re learning how to nurture and take care of a baby doll. They’re learning how to count, how to recognize patterns, and so much more.

The students also have snack and one meal at the most adorable little toddler-sized tables. The teachers guide them into being very independent in their meals. The students learn how to open their lunch containers (with help when needed). They learn how to set food out for their friends, and how to clean up when they’re finished.

When you add up all that hard work, plus practicing how to regulate their emotions and understand their feelings, they have a very busy half day! They’re definitely ready for a nap when they leave. Like we said, we definitely don’t play favorites. But if we had to spend a day in one of the rooms, we might choose this one. It’s a pretty fun, busy, and totally adorable place.