The Resilience of Families

Read what our therapists have observed from families during the pandemic and see how parents and children have shown resilience.

By Momentous Institute | Dec 03, 2020
The Resilience Of Family Blog 01

Momentous Institute’s team of licensed therapists show up every day for children and families. The format of visits has changed, as a majority of clients are selecting virtual sessions, but therapists are as resolved as ever to meet children and families where they are to find creative solutions for difficulties they may be facing. Here are a few trends therapeutic services have seen as children navigate the pandemic, stress in their homes and mass changes in education this year:

Children are expressing more concerns and anxieties than in previous years. Though the stressors may have been present before, the pandemic has amplified stress and forced anxiety to the forefront of children’s minds. Their worries involve parents’ employment, family members’ health and how to keep up with school in remote learning. With the added stress, children have coped in different ways. When the stress is greater than a child’s coping skills, behavior changes often occur. This may look like withdrawal, sadness, lack of motivation, avoidance or even “acting out” with short tempers and agitation.

Parents have expressed that they are feeling more overwhelmed and less confident about how to support their children. When overwhelmed, it is easy for parents to focus more on their children’s needs and forget the importance of taking care of themselves. As therapists will explain, “when our cup is fullit overflows. And when we need to hold the additional stress our children face, most parents will sacrifice their own health for their children.” With this in mind, staff walk alongside both parents and children to help hold their cup as they navigate circumstances.

As we’ve seen for the past seven decades in mental health services, families are still showing incredible resilience and strength. Parents are re-assessing what is important for their families, engaging in new ways to connect with one another and developing strategies that will be useful now and into the future. Parents are hungry for information and concrete strategies they can implement for themselves and their children.

Therapists are committed to be a safe relationship for children and families as they work to adapt to specific needs. Staff have customized plans with families that include in-person, socially distant sessions, virtual visits, combinations of both and parent education classes. Momentous Institute continues to be inspired by children and families as they work together to build social emotional health.