Treat Everyone Like a Beautiful Butterfly

"We have to treat everyone like they are the butterfly, not the ugly caterpillar." Read this post from Momentous School Music Teacher Kevin Roberts about a lesson in kindness.

By Kevin Roberts, Music Teacher | Aug 28, 2015
Treat Everyone Butterfly

Momentous School Music Teacher Kevin Roberts shares about a book and lesson that he uses with the kindergarten class.
Of course we all know that it’s important to teach kids about kindness. Sometimes we only remember to teach it when things aren’t going so well. When students have a conflict, we can pause and talk about how important it is to be kind. But we also need to remember to talk about kindness from the beginning of the school year, and before we even see issues bubble up.
I always tell my kindergarten students that we never know when our kindness is going to make someone’s day. We don’t always know what other people are going through, and if we’re really kind to someone who is having a bad day, then it could turn their day around!
I love the book Charlie the Caterpillar by Dom DeLuise. It’s about a little caterpillar named Charlie who was born into the world a happy little fellow. It wasn’t until he met the monkeys playing cards, rabbits playing tennis, the mice playing miniature golf that maybe he had a reason to be sad…the animals wouldn’t play with him because they thought he was ugly (poor guy). After Charlie emerged a beautiful butterfly, the animals playing games couldn’t wait to have him join. Then Charlie meets Katie the caterpillar who is sad because no one will be her friend. Charlie declares that he would love to be her friend because he knows just how she feels (a good time to emphasize empathy!!!) Charlie tells Katie all about becoming a beautiful butterfly. Friends forever!
I like to tell my students that we have to be kind to everyone.We can’t just be kind when someone is a beautiful butterfly. Everyone deserves respect and caring….after all we are all beautiful butterflies.
Here’s a video of someone reading Charlie the Caterpillar if you’re not able to find a copy. It’s a great book about kindness!