We All Have Expectations: A Free Safe Relationships Lesson Plan

This free lesson plan, We All Have Expectations, introduces students to classroom expectations and guides students through established expectations for both the teacher and the students/classroom. The lesson can be adapted to fit any elementary or middle school classroom.

By Momentous Institute | Aug 23, 2021
We All Have Expectations Header

Every classroom needs a set of expectations that help students understand what is expected of them each day. In this lesson, students will create classroom expectations for both themselves and the teacher based on their best experiences from previous school years. When students take responsibility for creating these expectations, they have an increased sense of ownership and engagement in the classroom. It is important for students to have a voice in the classroom because they need to feel safe and heard. Having clear classroom expectations also allows students to feel safe knowing what is expected of them and what their responsibilities are in the classroom.

This lesson, We All Have Expectations can be adapted to fit any elementary or middle school classroom. Age it up or down with your choice of questions and vocabulary!

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