Reimagined Classrooms: An Intensive Social Emotional Health Workshop

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A two day workshop that has the power to transform your practice as an educator. We will focus on two areas that can make (or break) the success of a teacher: (1) the ability to connect and motivate students, and (2) to manage classroom behavior so that everyone succeeds.

We will begin by forming a solid understanding of the one thing no educator can afford to ignore, social emotional health. On day one, prepare to explore the basics by taking a deep dive into the complexity of social emotional health. We will share the latest research and neuroscience that will help you understand what is happening in students’ brains and how you can use that information to enhance learning. You will walk away with simple, tangible strategies that you can implement immediately.

Day two begins with a tour of our elementary lab school to show you real-time practices. Then we’ll help you tackle one of the trickiest teacher jobs, managing behavior. Too often, classroom management leaves everyone feeling angry, resentful, ineffective and disconnected. Whether you are a new teacher who is anxious about how to discipline, or a veteran educator whose 'bag of tricks' doesn't seem to be enough anymore, day two will encourage you to reframe the way you approach student misbehavior. Using the lens of social emotional health, we'll offer go-to approaches for: developing effective expectations, initiating student-centered discipline conversations, and assigning consequences that protect children's dignity and their relationship with the teacher.


Coming Up

2018-11-05 8:30 AM 2018-11-06 3:30 PM America/Chicago Reimagined Classrooms: An Intensive Social Emotional Health Workshop Momentous Institute

106 East 10th Street, Dallas, TX 75203

Event Details

  • Audience: Educators
  • Attendance Hours Provided: 11.00 Hours
  • Event Time:

    8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

  • Group: $485 per registrant
  • Individual: $500