The Brain and Self-Regulation: What Teachers Need to Know

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Self-regulation – the ability to control one’s attention, emotion, and behavior – forms the foundation of social and academic success. Students who struggle to control their impulses, focus attention, and manage stress often suffer in the classroom. This session digs into self-regulation: what it is, how it shows up in the classroom, and how to nurture its development. We’ll begin with an understanding of how the brain develops. After all, wouldn’t your job as an educator be easier if you knew how the brain worked?! This session, based on current research, explores brain development and its relevance to learning and social emotional health. Teachers will understand students’ social and learning behaviors based on knowledge of how the brain works. We’ll emphasize strategies for creating brain-friendly environments, experiences and interactions. This workshop introduces brain-based strategies that help children manage themselves by exercising self-regulation.


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2018-10-09 12:30 PM 2018-10-09 3:30 PM America/Chicago The Brain and Self-Regulation: What Teachers Need to Know Momentous Institute

106 East 10th Street, Dallas, TX 75203

Event Details

  • Audience: Educators
  • Attendance Hours Provided: 3.00 Hours
  • Event Time:

    12:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

  • Group: $60 per registrant
  • Individual: $75