Helping Kids Heal: Trauma Sensitive Strategies for the Classroom (Additional dates listed)

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This two part training will equip teachers and administrators to foster a healing-centered approach in schools that will help children feel safe, connected and ready to learn. 

Trauma is arguably the most pressing crisis in education today. As a result of the global pandemic and other adverse experiences that affect children, it is critical to have an understanding about trauma and its effects on student’s brains and bodies. Approximately, twenty percent of students have a diagnosable mental health condition. Research shows that trauma is at the root of most of these mental health challenges. ( Sadly, only a fraction of these children will receive any type of mental health intervention to deal with their experiences. However, 100% of these children are likely to attend school.

While the impact of trauma is not always visible, its effects are far reaching and have serious consequences.  Often the symptoms of trauma are confused with other mental health diagnoses and teachers struggle to understand how to provide support. Educators are uniquely positioned to show empathy and develop supportive and caring relationships with students, which can buffer the effects of trauma.

Training Objectives:

1. Examine the critical components of the definition of trauma 

2. Understand the ACE study and current research on trauma

3. Understand how the brain and body respond to stress

4. Learn strategies for calming the nervous system

Upcoming Dates and Registration:

September 2021 (Sept. 14 - Sept. 21): Cancelled

November 2021 (Nov. 11 - Nov. 18): Register Now

March 2022 (Mar. 22 - Mar. 29): Registration will open at a later date

Presented By:

Tara B

Tara Becker, LMSW

Tara Becker is a Licensed Master Social Worker and a mental health trainer at Momentous Institute. Tara's background includes work in family case management and refugee resettlement. In her current role, Tara partners with educators and school leaders to support learning around trauma, the brain, and social emotional health in order to improve well-being for school staff and students.


Méroudjie Denis, Ph.D, LP, LMSW

Méroudjie is a licensed psychologist, licensed social worker and trained school psychologist, with over 13 years of experience in the mental health field. She provides clinical services to children and families impacted by trauma. Previously, she spent a decade working as an early childhood educator, serving children receiving special education. She earned her Bachelor of Art in psychology from the University of Dallas, her master’s degree in social work from the University of Texas-Arlington and her Ph.D. in psychology from Texas women's University.

Vickie E

Vickie Echols, M.Ed.

Vickie has served over three decades in the field of education as a teacher, campus administrator and director of communication in Texas schools. In addition to a Bachelor of Science degree and teaching certificate in Elementary Education from Texas A&M University, Vickie earned a master’s degree from James Cook University in Australia supported by the Rotary International Fellowship program.

Jennifer Hartmann

Jennifer Hartmann, M.Ed.

Jennifer Hartmann has worked in education for over 13 years. She has worked as a teacher at Momentous School and as an SEL coach on the Forth Worth and Dallas ISD projects for Momentous Institute. Using the knowledge gained from classroom experience and coaching, she teaches other professionals best practices for social emotional health in the classroom. Jennifer graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Early Childhood Education from Oklahoma City University.

Coming Up

2021-11-11 3:30 PM 2021-11-11 4:45 PM America/Chicago Helping Kids Heal: Trauma Sensitive Strategies for the Classroom (Additional dates listed) Momentous Institute

Event Details

  • Audience: Educators
  • Event Time:

    3:30 - 4:45 PM

  • Individual: $50