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Following the recommendations of the CDC, Momentous Institute will continue to require that staff, students, clients and visitors wear masks when they are in our facilities. We will closely follow all recommendations from health experts and local, state and national officials and set procedures that promote the safety of our staff, students and clients.

At Momentous School, we partner with students and families to leverage social emotional learning and strong academics to cultivate a community of changemakers.

Momentous School is a nationally-acclaimed laboratory school providing prekindergarten 3 through 5th grade education. Using decades of research and smaller classroom settings, we use a strengths-based approach to weave experiences in social emotional learning with a rich curriculum.

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About Momentous School

Why Choose Momentous School?

Momentous School prides itself on prioritizing a student’s mental health alongside strong academics. We guarantee smaller classrooms and certified teachers. Additionally, we offer family events including STEM Nights, grade level events, carnival, parades, picnics, and more! Upon graduation from high school, college scholarship are available to Momentous School alumni.

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Social Emotional Learning

As much as it matters what our students know, it also matters who they are as people. We emphasize lessons about understanding how our brain works, how to manage and control our emotions, reactions and relationships, and so much more. These skills matter and we make sure our students, as well as our staff, have opportunities to develop as people.

"It's been a huge impact. During our time here they really lectured us on the importance of education, so once we went to middle school and high school, we already knew in the back of our minds that we were going to go to college."


former Momentous School student

"Leaving Momentous was sad for me, however I felt extremely prepared for where I was going. I believe the friendliness and the openness to helping other people really prepared me."

—Kai and CJ, 

former Momentous School students

“I love momentous because we have great people here and we have awesome teachers. In my class right now, I feel like I don't have to be smart, I just have to be myself and I can learn. I just love that they tell you to never give up.”


current Momentous School student

Academic Performance Results

Momentous School utilizes nationally-acclaimed, research-based practices for our core curricular subjects. Our rigorous instruction starts with our highly qualified teachers who feature years of experience creating safe and demanding classrooms while providing a balanced learning experience. Our students outperform their peers while with us and well after leaving our classrooms. Along with high school graduation rates and college enrollment, Momentous School alumni are almost three times as likely as comparable U.S. peers to attain a bachelor’s degree.

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of Momentous School alumni graduate high school on time


STAAR math passing rates 2018-2019


STAAR reading passing rates 2018-2019