Research & Training

In tandem with our innovative Therapeutic Services and nationally acclaimed Momentous School, we invest in Research and Training to reach far more children than we could ever serve directly with trauma-informed strategies that strengthen social emotional health.

From the annual Changing the Odds conference in Dallas to our year-round slate of professional development workshops we aim to provide educators and mental health professionals essential tools and resources to best help them create a space where social emotional health thrives.

We prioritize research — following our students’ long-term trajectory and tracking improvements in the social emotional health of our therapy clients and parent education participants. We also conduct evaluation studies of our intensive trainings and innovative approaches to learn, grow and share proven practices and strategies that best achieve strong social emotional health for children. 

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Our Research

Therapeutic Services and Momentous School Outcomes

Our goal is to strengthen the social emotional health of children and family members who are impacted by poverty, trauma or abuse, through services that integrate mental health and education.

Training Outcomes

Our social emotional health training with professionals focuses on increasing awareness, building knowledge and improving practices. Our largest audience for trainings is educators.

Studies of Innovative Strategies

We regularly study new approaches and strategies for improving the social emotional health and academic performance of students. We conduct experimental and correlational studies within Momentous School and Therapeutic Services to understand ways to implement innovative approaches that result in significant improvements in children and families. These studies are presented at yearly conferences and/or submitted to research journals for publication: