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The Invisible Boy

So-called "invisible" kids are all around us. How can we help them have the happy ending this story gives us?

Changing the Odds 2015

Changing the Odds 2015: Chaos to Connection Featuring Sir Ken Robinson, Dan Pink, Jessica Lahey, Glennon Doyle Melton, Dave Isay, Lou Cozolino, Kevin Carroll, Micheal Sorrell, and Momentous Institute Staff.


Hungry for a strategy to build coping skills? Whip up some copecakes!

Praise the Process

Perhaps the simplest way to build resilience in kids is to just switch our language. Try this!

A Perfectly Messed Up Story

Kids will love this funny read-aloud book about a kid named Louie whose story just keeps getting ruined. Poor Louie! He can’t tell his story because it keeps getting messed up. Keep reading...

Take in the Good

We've all done it: focused all of our energy on that one negative comment rather than the 100 positive comments. Dr. Rick Hanson explains why.

Time Capsule

We all want our children to be kind and successful, and yet we often don’t fully articulate those visions. Try this!

Vision Statements

Momentous School families write vision statements for their children. Watch this video to learn about the incredible impact this has on our families and teachers.


There are plenty of books about persisting with something and thinking outside the box, but few as funny and creative as Stuck. Read our review!

Why I Banned the Word Easy

I know "easy" isn't a bad word in the traditional sense. But here's why I banned it in my classroom.


Imagine this: a child gets an A on her spelling test. You tell her, “Great job! You are really smart.” Nothing wrong with that, right?

Salesmanship Club of Dallas Names Bill McClung President

William B. McClung has been elected president of the Salesmanship Club of Dallas, the nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming kids’ lives since 1920. He is the 96th president of the organization, which owns and operates Momentous Institute and hosts the AT&T Byron Nelson. The annual PGA TOUR event is Momentous Institute’s primary fundraiser.

Dallas Morning News: Irving well-represented at Byron Nelson kickoff luncheon

Only about two months to go until the AT&T Byron Nelson Championship comes to Irving. The Salesmanship Club of Dallas hosts the annual PGA Tour tournament. It has raised more than $137 million since its inception in 1968, making it the most financially successful charity event on the PGA Tour. All proceeds benefit Momentous Institute, a nonprofit school powered by the Salesmanship Club for more than 90 years.

Psychcentral.com: When Experts Miss Trauma in Children

It has been estimated that each year, over one million children in the United States are misdiagnosed with a mental illness that could be better explained by trauma. That’s a lot of children inaccurately being labeled with a mental illness. The problem of misdiagnosis is important. If we misdiagnose or mislabel a child with a mental illness, we run the risk of recommending or providing treatment that will potentially not alleviate or address the child’s core problems.

DFW.com: Kicking off the AT&T Byron Nelson

DALLAS -- Spring is in the air in DFW and for yours truly, that means that the area's two PGA Tour events are on the horizon. Byron Nelson week in Las Colinas is annually one of the best weeks of the year in North Texas as we are all invited to hang out for a few days at the lavish Four Seasons Resort and Club for what many view as a week-long party that just happens to have a professional golf tournament going on in the background.

Building a Championship Team

All year long my fifth grade class talks about champions. What is a champion? Are champions only athletes? Are champions only famous people? Heavens no! All of us can be champions!

What is Trauma?

We’re diving into a series on trauma. We hope to give you a greater understanding of trauma and how it might be affecting the children you work with.

Trauma in Hiding

It has been estimated that each year, over one million children in the United States are misdiagnosed with a mental illness that could be better explained by trauma.

The ACE study

The rougher your childhood is, the more challenges you’ll face later in life. This is the premise behind the ACE study. What is it? Learn more...

Transition Time

Transitions can be tricky. Especially for kids who have experienced trauma. Try these simple strategies to help.

Chase the Why

It's not what's wrong with you, it's what's happened to you. Keep reading...

Kindness Challenge

Take it beyond teaching kindness - try this activity to put kindness into action.

When Trauma Bubbles Up

You get that feeling in your throat. You don’t know what to say or do. Ask him follow-up questions? Send him to the counselor? Change the subject?

The Tooth

Read our book review of The Tooth by Avi Slovdovnick, and check out the video!

Anti - "Black Friday"

There’s nothing wrong with a good Black Friday deal, but if you’re looking to avoid the crowds this year, we’ve got an Anti- "Black Friday" suggestion for you.

Our Thanksgiving Traditions

We reached out to everyone on the Momentous staff and asked what everyone does in their own families to show gratitude on Thanksgiving. Here are some of the responses.

You Sit on WHAT?

We previously got rid of chairs in one of our classrooms. What? Keep reading!

An Airplane Ride

When adults go on an airplane, we understand why we’re lining up, or taking our shoes off. But a 2-year-old might find the whole thing a little crazy.

Tell Me a Story

This is a great tool to use for any big experience – the holidays, a trip, a new house, a new baby, a doctor’s appointment.

The Most Magnificent Thing

Have you ever had a wonderful idea? You can just picture it in your head – it’s going to be amazing! Then you go to execute your idea, and – well…

The Real Facebook

Is social media becoming a huge part of your teens' social world? Try this activity to connect with them.

Our Growing Brains

"We were blown away by their responses." Read more about this amazing brain project!

Write it Down!

When kids have a hard time verbalizing their behavior, try this strategy from our therapeutic group leader, Eric.

Self-Care: My Top Three Suggestions

This is around the time of year when teachers start feeling overwhelmed. Here are Sandy Nobles’ top three self-care suggestions.

Family Flag

A family flag can help identify values and help children have a stronger sense of self. Read on…

Keys to Friendship

If we want kids to be good friends, we have to teach them what makes someone a good friend. Try this!

The Most Important Classroom Display

There’s one thing that is found in every single classroom in our school. Read on to learn about the most important classroom display.


Kids have different parts of themselves that they show to others. Use this strategy to help learn more about a child's complex self.

Family Facts

Go back to the basics with this simple, yet powerful, family activity.

Changing the Odds Recap (Part One)

We are all feeling inspired from an amazing two days of learning! Read the recap on day one of the Changing the Odds Conference.

TED Talk Stars Highlight Momentous Week

A handful of popular TED Talk speakers will highlight the Momentous Institute’s Changing the Odds Conference this week at the Hilton Anatole.

For Kids, Living In Poverty Is Living With Chronic Trauma, Experts Say

Some experts consider childhood poverty a form of trauma. Counselors and directors with a Dallas nonprofit say growing up poor can impact everything from impulse control to anxiety.The Momentous Institute in Dallas offers therapy for kids and teens, and runs a school for children age 3 through fifth grade. In many ways, it’s like any elementary campus -- grinning students are dressed in red polo shirts, walls are plastered with art projects and there are science lessons on evaporation and precipitation.

CNM Connect

The organization, formerly called the Center for Nonprofit Management, also named Michelle Kinder of Momentous Institute as CEO of the Year and Greg May of Dallas CASA as Nonprofit Board Leader of the Year.

CNM Connect presents five awards

The CMN Connect presented five Awards of Excellence at its 15th annual A Night of Light celebration.The nonprofit was formally called the Center for Nonprofit Management.

CNM Connect Honored North Texas’ Nonprofit Heroes at A Night of Light

CNM Connect (previously The Center for Nonprofit Management) honored the recipients of its 15th Annual A Night of Light Awards of Excellence last week at Sixty Five Hundred in Dallas. Over 400 nonprofit professionals and community stakeholders gathered Thursday night to celebrate those making a difference in North Texas.

Research Shows Fort Worth ISD Pilot Program Improving Pre-K Classrooms

Dallas, Texas, Nov. 24, 2015 – Preliminary research findings from the first year of a two-year pilot project between Momentous Institute and Fort Worth Independent School District (FWISD) indicate significant improvements in certain aspects of the social emotional health of pre-kindergarten students.

The "tattling puppy' accepts your pain

First-grade teacher Christy Scheef of the Momentous Institute in Oak Cliff retired in 2015. But for years, the tattling puppy was mainstay of her classroom.

Changing the Odds 2016

The 5th anniversary of our Changing the Odds conference — “Compassion: Brain Changer” — will explore how essential social emotional health habits, like mindfulness, gratitude and kindness, rewire the brain to increase compassion.

Changing The Odds 2014

Expect momentous outcomes. Imagine every child’s potential for lifelong success.

What's in Your Bag?

Have a child fill a bag with a special item from home. Read more...


One way to show a child that he is seen and understood is to have him create a self-portrait. Read more...