Therapeutic Services

Family or school struggles. Emotional and behavioral problems. Trauma and abuse. These challenges and so many more face countless families each day. At Momentous Institute, we provide help and sustaining solutions for more than 5,500 North Texas kids and family members each year so they can achieve their preferred future.


Our therapeutic services are designed to help kids and families develop strong relationships, social emotional health and academic success — and our annual results demonstrate the measurable impact we are creating as we transform lives:

  • Over the last ten years, over 10,000 children have received mental health services from Momentous Institute.
  • 69% of parents surveyed who completed the Fortaleza en la Familia parenting program indicated a significant reduction in the use of corporal punishment.

Building and Repairing Social Emotional Health

“My child has been through so much, and now is struggling in school — I'm losing hope.”

“What can I do to strengthen the bond with my child?”

“How do I manage my child’s continual misbehavior?”

These questions are just a snapshot of the cares and concerns that lead families to seek our help. Our approach is tailored to the individual needs of each child and family. Services include:

  • Therapy: Through discussions with a therapist, family members learn better ways to interact with each other, resolve conflicts and address specific issues.
  • Treatment groups: A safe, supportive place for several families facing similar problems to convene, share and support. Ongoing groups include parent-child relationship; social skills groups; and managing parenting and depression.
  • Parent education: Classes focus on strengthening the parent-child relationship and teaching practical, research-based information that helps parents achieve solutions and confidence.
  • Assessment: (offered for ages 0 to 6): If other options prove unsuccessful, our staff and the family may mutually decide to perform an assessment to better understand the cognitive, social or emotional challenges a child may be experiencing.
  • Huddle Up: Families with children ages 10 to 14 commit to a 12-week strengths-based program, learning to improve self-control and problem-solving skills, strengthen communication and increase respect for self and others.
  • Huddle Up Summer Program: Kids, ages 10 to 14, and families commit to a eight-week program that includes recreational and experiential group activities, targeting self-control and problem-solving skills, strengthening communication, and increasing respect for self and others. Kids and parents learn to use individual strengths to succeed and persevere.
  • LAUNCH: Children, ages 3 to 5, who are displaying major emotional dysregulation are enrolled in a classroom setting two days a week, allowing for learning that combines therapeutic activities and a basic education curriculum. Developmentally appropriate activities promote healthy emotional and social development, and teach problem-solving and forming friendships, while parents learn to manage their child’s emotional and behavioral needs.

If you are interested in our programs please contact us at 214-915-4700 or 214-916-4000.