Social Emotional Health

Social emotional health (SEH) is the ability to understand and manage one’s emotions, reactions and relationships. Children (and adults) with strong social emotional health demonstrate self-control, communicate well, problem-solve, are empathetic, kind, grateful, and optimistic — traits we admire in the people with whom we want to work and maintain a relationship. 

Social emotional learning is a related term, one often used in schools. An easy way to think about these terms is:  

SOCIAL EMOTIONAL HEALTH= social emotional learning + mental health. 

Momentous Institute is the only Dallas nonprofit that operates a community elementary school and offers outpatient mental health services. Direct service in these two areas has continued for decades and nurtured a third component: a training, coaching and curriculum that expands our reach across the nation and around the world.  The training page details upcoming events – check them out!  Our blog page shares all of our SEH insight and learning, focusing on strategies, take-aways and important considerations.  

Social Emotional Health

Our Model

Our model for social emotional health begins with safe relationships. Building on that strong foundation, we teach children how to self-regulate and build their awareness of self, which gives them the capacity to better understand others and ultimately become a changemaker in our society.

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Our Research

We prioritize research — following our students’ long-term trajectory and tracking improvements in the social emotional health of our therapy clients and parent education participants. We also conduct evaluation studies of our intensive trainings and innovative approaches to learn, grow and share proven practices and strategies that best achieve strong social emotional health for children.

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“I was trying to match some letters and I got really frustrated. I needed to take a deep breath and I almost got it. I almost got it by myself and I felt just a little happy.”

—Faith, Pre-K

Momentous School student

“I came in with tears. I was pretty much lost … now I’m able to understand my three children, and balance, and most of all just love them and enjoy them.”


former Momentous Institute client

“Momentous Institute gave me all the resources I needed to really continue what my parents and my family wanted for me and be able to graduate from a university.”


Momentous School alumnus

Our Results

We prioritize social emotional health for all children so they can achieve their full potential. Our results demonstrate that this focused approach through our education and therapeutic services is changing the odds for children. Each year, we directly serve over 5,500 children and family members.

To view a larger snapshot of the over 5,500 kids and family members we directly served in 2018 and the impact achieved, click here.


of Momentous School alumni graduate high school on time


of Momentous School alumni enroll in higher education


of children with an identified social, emotional and/or behavioral challenge who received therapeutic services significantly improved their functioning


of youth surveyed who completed eight sessions of Huddle Up in-school groups indicated significant improvement in self-control