Working together to create real, sustainable change

Momentous Institute specializes in family-based mental health services for children, teenagers and their family members. 

The decision to seek support is an important one and we are honored families trust us to be a part of this journey. Our team of over 30 licensed therapists and parent educators, who are primarily bilingual, share a belief that all families can heal and thrive.

Building a safe relationship with clients is our priority. We then work to identify each child and family’s strengths to create meaningful change for both children and their caregivers. Our therapists recognize that each individual has unique experiences, values and identities. Our hope is to foster an environment in which all clients feel safe and valued.

To make an appointment, please call 214-916-4000.

Our Clients

We provide services to children ages 0 to 15 and their families. All programming is offered in both English and Spanish and there is no requirement to live in a specific zip code.

Families seek support for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Concerns a child might be depressed or anxious
  • Worries about bullying
  • Uncertainty about how to handle aggression or acting out behaviors
  • Concerns about the impact of a traumatic experience
  • Uncertainty about the best way to parent a child
  • Frequent calls from a child’s school about behavioral or emotional concerns.

We partner with caregivers to identify which of our programs will best meet the needs of their family.

Our Services

We offer both mental health services and parent education classes. Both in-person and telehealth appointments are available for therapy and parent education classes are offered through virtual webinars. With a focus on sustainable change, we do not limit the number of sessions clients may participate in.

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"I am reminded that there is an inherent hopefulness in children and they are relying on the adults (me) in their world to nurture this. When we recognize hope and celebrate it, it grows."

Momentous Institute Therapist

“To have someone come in and say ‘we believe in your and we’re going to do this’ – this is what Momentous Institute did for me”

Momentous Institute client

"Hope is our superpower! We strive to be a place that helps [our clients] nurture that hope, understand how to protect it and allow it to grow stronger."

Momentous Institute Therapist


We believe high-quality mental health services should be accessible to everyone. Therefore, no one is denied services for an inability to pay. Momentous Institute does not bill insurance but determines a fee based on a sliding scale where families help decide what they can afford to pay.

To make an appointment, please call 214-916-4000. Therapeutic services are offered Monday-Thursday 8:00am-8:00pm and Friday 8:00am-4:00pm at two locations: 9705 Harry Hines Boulevard in Dallas and 106 E. Tenth Street Oak Cliff. Teletherapy is also available for those unable to attend in person.