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My Princess Boy

Discussing gender equity with children is an important part of Social Emotional Health. My Princess Boy is a children's book that discusses the challenges a gender non-conforming child faces. Read our review to learn more. 

By Momentous Institute

Siblings of Gender Fluid Children

When we have conversations about a gender fluid child, we have to remember that the child is a member of a family. In this post we are looking at how a gender fluid child's experience can impact their siblings.

By Matt Leahy, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist

Movie Review: Gender Revolution

Our content specialist, Michelle, recently watched a documentary called “Gender Revolution”. Read her thoughts about how the documentary shines a light on how gender (and conversations about gender) affects everyone from young children to adults.

By Michelle Cooper, Content Specialist

What I Learned When I Lined Kids Up By Gender

Taylor Freeman shares a powerful story about a time when she asked students to line up by gender... and what she learned from it. 

By Taylor Freeman, M.S., LPC, LMFT Group Innovation Manager

When Very Young Children Question Gender Identity

Continuing our discussion about gender fluid children, we answer some common questions parents face when they have a very young child questioning their gender identity.

By Matt Leahy, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist

A Parenting Journey Through Gender Questioning

Parents of children who are transgender, gender fluid or gender questioning are on their own journey of acceptance. In this post we discuss that journey and the impact it can have. 

By Momentous Institute