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Boy Brains and Girl Brains: What’s the Difference?

We are continuing our discussion about differences between boys and girls and how they learn. In this post we take a look at gender differences in the most important biological component: the brain.

By Momentous Institute

How Girls Learn and Lead

For today’s blog post, I spoke with Jennifer Bartkowski, the CEO of Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas. Keep reading to learn more about how the Girls Scouts are working to empower young women.

By Maureen Fernandez, Content Manager

How Boys and Girls are Doing in School

As we continue with our blog series on gender, we take a moment to assess how both boys and girls are currently doing in school. We've talked about the STEM gender gap, but what other gaps need attention?

By Momentous Institute

Connecting with Teen Girls: A Safe Haven for their Inner Voice

At Momentous Institute, we are fortunate to be able to form therapeutic groups when we see a need arise. Read on to learn more about my new therapeutic group called “S.E.L.F.I.E.”, developed specifically for teen girls. 

By Julissa Pagán-Peña, M.A., Psychology Doctoral Intern

Are Classrooms and Playgrounds Serving Girls and Boys Equally?

Spaces and places, and how we move within them, are deeply rooted in gender. In this post, guest author April Larremore asks if these spaces are serving boys and girls equally. Read more...

By April Larremore, Ed.D., Dallas ISD Early Learning Department

Young Men's Leadership Academy: An All Boys Middle School

Continuing to learn about how gender plays a role in education, I recently visited Young Men's Leadership Academy, and all-boys Middle School located in Southern Dallas. Read more about my visit.

By Maureen Fernandez, Content Manager