When Young Children Question Gender Identity

When Very Young Children Question Gender Identity

Continuing our discussion about gender fluid children, we answer some common questions parents face when they have a very young child questioning their gender identity.

By Matt Leahy, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist

A Parenting Journey Through Gender Questioning

Parents of children who are transgender, gender fluid or gender questioning are on their own journey of acceptance. In this post we discuss that journey and the impact it can have. 

By Momentous Institute

The Genderbread Person

We continue our discussion about terminology related to gender and sexuality by discussing The Genderbread Person, an activity and tool for opening a discussion with older children as well as parents about gender and sexuality.

By Momentous Institute

Let's Talk Terms

When we talk about sex, sexuality, and gender, there are a lot of terms to keep track of. Even those of us who work in this space are constantly learning new titles and terms. It can feel overwhelming to make sure we’re using the right language. Read more...

By Lauren Mann, Ph.D.. Bilingual Licensed Psychologist

Movie Review: The Mask You Live In

Our office manager, Ashley, recently watched a documentary  called “The Mask You Live In.” Read her thoughts about how the documentary affected her as a parent to a six-year-old boy. 

By Momentous Institute

Boy Brains and Girl Brains: What’s the Difference?

We are continuing our discussion about differences between boys and girls and how they learn. In this post we take a look at gender differences in the most important biological component: the brain.

By Momentous Institute