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Make Space for Race

"Many educators, including myself, have failed to make the children we work with feel seen—because for many years, we have not acknowledged race as a fundamental element of identity.  We need to make space for race.  But how?" Read more...

By Heather Bryant, M.Ed., Director of Innovation and Impact

Talking to Teens about Race

Parents have the opportunity to help teens explore these racial differences. It may sound intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Keep reading...

By Summer Rose, Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist

On Raising Bi-Racial Children

Minerva Holmes asked her mixed-race family members to weigh in on what it's like growing up bi-racial. Here's what they had to say...

By Minerva Holmes, Bilingual Parent Educator

Authentic Diversity

Read our four considerations for creating opportunities for kids to have meaningful diversity opportunities...

By Momentous Institute

Language Matters

We make many assumptions about the race and ethnicity of others. Let's talk about some commonly misused and misunderstood identifiers. Keep reading...

By Poonam Desai, Ph.D., LSSP, Mental Health Trainer

When Kids Make Racist Comments

There’s nothing quite as upsetting or challenging as a child making a racist comment. How do we respond? Read more. 

By Momentous Institute