Donor Spotlight

Learn more about our partnerships with The Meadows Foundation and the N.W. Harllee Early Childhood Center. 

By Momentous Institute | Jul 08, 2019
Donor Spotlight 01

Momentous Institute is immensely grateful for The Meadows Foundation’s support of our partnership with Dallas Independent School District. The Meadows Foundation, founded in 1948, has contributed more than $1.2 billion to enriching the lives of countless Texans. The Meadows Foundation is a collaborative supporter of our partnership with N.W. Harllee Early Childhood Center, which serves as DISD’s Early Childhood Education Demonstration Site.

Momentous Institute is more than half way through a three-year partnership with Harllee to infuse our proven effective social emotional health model into the Harllee system through trauma-informed training, coaching and consultation. Momentous Institute staff work closely with teachers and administrators to equip students with the tools necessary to build strong social emotional health and champion a solid foundation for lifelong success.

Momentous Institute and The Meadows Foundation both support programs and services that employ imaginative, innovative models to solve community problems and that lead to organizational self-sufficiency and sustainable growth. Innovation and sustainability are the foundation of the Harllee initiative. In addition to positively impacting the Harllee school community, the project’s rigorous evaluation methodology will result in a deeper understanding of effective ways to create lasting improvements in student well-being and academic success in large urban education settings.