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Professional Training

We work at the heart of mental health and education to equip teachers and professionals with effective, research-based approaches, strategies, and tools to strengthen the social emotional, and mental well-being of themselves and the young people they work with.

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On-Demand Training

Our on-demand training offers a comprehensive suite of courses on social emotional learning, and understanding and supporting children who have experienced trauma. These courses are led by Momentous Institute's credentialed experts in education and mental health. Topics include self-regulation strategies, managing challenging behaviors in the classroom and out-of-school time settings, reducing educator/caregiver stress, and evidence-based strategies for creating healthy connections with and between students.

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Social Emotional, Trauma & Mental Health Training (virtual or in-person)

Our professional learning sessions provide educators and other professionals with tangible, proven strategies for implementing social emotional learning in schools and in other settings. We offer a variety of virtual or in-person training focused on social emotional health, trauma, and mental health and wellness.

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Clinical Training

We are deeply committed to training the next generation of mental health providers through our APA Accredited Doctoral Internship program and practicum experiences. We offer rich opportunities to develop skills in various interventions emphasizing cultural, societal, and contextual considerations.

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Educator Support Training

Teachers and educators are integral to the success of our work. Reflective Circles was designed to directly support the overall well-being of teachers and educators. These confidential, structured conversations are led by a trained facilitator on your campus. Our two-day facilitator training program provides the Reflective Circles facilitator skills to address the ongoing, daily stressors experienced by teachers. Coming soon.

Consultations for School Professionals

We understand that a social emotional learning initiative is only as successful as its implementation. Our experienced team can work within your existing framework throughout the process. From conducting initial needs assessments to planning for sustainability our intentional approach targets adult social emotional learning competencies, supportive policies, academic integration, continuous progress monitoring, and family engagement.

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Momentous School Tours

If you are a classroom teacher, campus administrator, or campus mental health professional, we’d like to invite you to tour Momentous School!

Come experience our SEL focused campus where the academics are just as important as a student’s mental health. See our innovative and researched-backed approaches to a school environment where students and teachers thrive together. 

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