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Changemakers, our nationally acclaimed classroom curriculum focused on social emotional learning, was developed by mental health professionals and educators for pre-kindergarten 3 through 5th grade.


Developed after decades of professional learning and research, our curriculum uses both a mental health and equity lens to build positive learning environments where all students can thrive.

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What our students know academically matters as much as who they are as people.

We emphasize understanding how the brain works, how to manage and control emotions, how to nurture and build strong relationships, and so much more. Mental health matters and we make sure students and staff have opportunities to develop as emotionally thriving people.

CASEL Accreditation

Changemakers curriculum is accredited by the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) as an Elementary SELect Program.

“While the lessons were meant for students, it does so much more. I take the lessons about the brain, breath, and empathy and use in my own life. I am a better teacher because of it.”

Pre-K Teacher

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Curriculum Breakdown

Through a series of free-standing lessons, mental health is made a priority with the goal of increasing student empathy, kindness, and compassion.

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Curriculum kits

Changemakers curriculum – available as a kit or digitally for pre-kindergarten 3 to fifth grade – contains 25-52 lessons organized into five overarching themes:  Safe Relationships, Self-regulation, Awareness of Self, Understanding Others, and Changemaker. Lessons are also broken up into 15 skill-focused units such as Gratitude, Resilience, Empathy, and Hope.

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A Changemakers notebook on a wooden desk.

Grade Levels, Themes, Units and Lessons

Units are prefaced with a Teacher Practice section that provides teachers with essential knowledge of topics covered. Additionally, each unit provides an "Equity Lens” and "Mental Health Lens,” giving teachers insight to understand and effectively respond to students' past experiences and unique identities. The lessons are developmentally designed for each grade level and are divided into three sections: Present, Practice, and Process 

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Training and Implementation Support

Momentous Institute offers one initial implementation for curriculum users and administrators as well, as access to three refresher training courses scheduled throughout the school year. Consultation available for teachers and administrators to support implementation.

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Each Changemakers box can be purchased for $850 and includes curriculum for the full school year, 10-15 literature books, implementation training and consultation for educators and administrators. Changemakers Digital Curriculum available for $750

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