Parenting Community

With Momentous Institute’s Parenting Community, families gather to discuss and learn about various parenting topics related to child-parent relationships, sibling relationships, anxiety, and so much more. Participants meet once a week for one hour a day to explore and learn about the varying techniques and strategies that can be used at home to strengthen the child-parent relationship.

Empower Your Parenting Journey

Through Parenting Education, families are equipped with the knowledge and tools to feel motivated, inspired, and empowered as they navigate the intricate journey of parenthood with resilience and confidence.

Our programs

Parenting Education

Parents can connect and learn through our 6-12 week Parenting Courses or join us monthly for Momentous Moments. We also offer community partnerships to bring information and resources to your school or local community.

Parenting Courses

Momentous Moments

Community Partners

Parenting Courses

We offer a variety of topics to choose from and explore. Our classes are offered both virtually and in-person, meeting once a week for an hour each session

Our current topics include:

  • Family Structures
  • Self-care
  • Technology
  • Child Development
Course Schedule

Momentous Moments

Each month, parents are given the opportunity to explore brand new topics related to child-parent relationships, stress, and other areas of interest. Topics are created using Momentous Institute’s Resources. Classes are offered virtually once a month for one hour a day.

See below for our Spring/Summer 2024 offerings.

Summer/Fall 2024 Schedule

Community Partners

Through community partnerships, we connect and deliver valuable information and resources to your school or local community.

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Course Etiquette

Parenting Education courses are offered through different mediums such as in-person and via Zoom. These courses are designed to be interactive and engaging through class discussions. These courses are not designed to function as Podcasts or Webinars.

To ensure participants are utilizing the Parenting Education resources to their fullest potential, Momentous Institute respectfully requests participants abide by the following guidelines to promote a strong learning environment.

Momentous Institute respectfully requests participants take the posture of a student in the following ways:

·   Arrive promptly to their scheduled class.

·   Maintain their cameras to ensure their presence and to receive credit for the class. Microphones remain off unless participating in class discussions.

·   Avoid public spaces (i.e., work environments, doctor offices, etc.) when participating in virtual zoom classes due to confidentiality.

·   Avoid driving, cooking, or completing other activities when participating in virtual Zoom classes due to safety.

Momentous Institutes appreciates your attention and commitment to promoting a strong learning environment. We look forward to seeing you in our classes soon!

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