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The support of seven sponsors allowed our staff to create a menu of interactive webinars and reach over 2,500 educational professionals in the community! See the story here.

By Momentous Institute | Dec 02, 2020
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When the COVID-19 pandemic hit full force in March, Momentous Institute’s Innovation and Impact team witnessed a strong desire from professionals for virtual support and training. In response, staff developed a menu of webinars focused on integrating social emotional health in the classroom, addressing trauma and toxic stress with children and supporting the wellbeing of educators during this time. Support from seven sponsors, contributing more than $120,000 toward creating new content, allowed Momentous Institute to reach over 2,500 professionals in the community. Thanks to this additional funding from partners, Momentous Institute has been able to offer this much needed content at an affordable price to all levels of professionals and decision makers in the Dallas community and across the country.

During this time of uncertainty, the Momentous Institute team is focused on what we know to be true for children, families and professionals of all levels: that strong social emotional health enables us to cope with adversity coming our way. With grit, resilience, optimism and compassion, we are in a much better position to navigate crises, challenges and uncertainty in our daily lives. Strengthening social emotional health is more critical than ever so that we can collectively move forward on our uncertain road ahead—as a community and as a nation.

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