Four Books for Talking about Body Boundaries

Momentous School Mental Health Professional, Diane Boehm, LPC, RPT, shares four books for talking with children about body boundaries. 

By Momentous Institute | Jan 24, 2023
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Looking for books to spark a conversation with kids about body boundaries? Look no further. Momentous School Mental Health Professional, Diane Boehm, LPC, RPT, shares four books to get the conversation started. 

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“My Body! What I Say Goes!” by Jayneed Sanders

This is an excellent book on body safety that highlights a child’s thoughts, feelings and reactions as it relates to body boundaries. I especially recommend this book for parents to navigate this conversation. 

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“Hands Are Not For Hitting” by Martine Agassi

Love, love, love this book for ages 3-8 years old! The book sets the clear the limit while providing a narrative of positive coping skills and actions. Great book!

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“My Body Sends A Signal” by Natalia Maguire

Calling all those who feel their feels! This book does an amazing job at teaching children how to recognize and express their emotions. Great way to teach children how their emotions and actions connect.

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“Body Safety: Book for Kids by Tim” by Adrian Laurent

I love this book to guide conversations at home between the child and their parent! This book dives into the topics of body safety, personal space, consent, and body confidence. I will definitely plan to use this book with my own children when it’s time!