Four Keys to Kindness

An 8-year-old shares her four keys to kindness. Too cute!

By Momentous Institute | Aug 12, 2015
Four Keys Of Kindness

Four Keys to Kindness: As Told by an 8-year-old
Our former Executive Director Michelle Kinder, gives presentations in the community about social emotional health. Apparently, her 8 year old daughter, Sophia, was paying attention to how she builds out her power points and decided to make one of her own.  For her topic she picked kindness (Michelle was very proud!). Courtesy of Sophia, here are ‘The four keys to kindness.’ 

Four Keys Slide 1

Four Keys Slide 2

Four Keys Slide 3

Four Keys Slide 4

Four Keys Slide 5

Four Keys Slide 6

Sounds pretty good to us! Encourage the kids you work with or live with to create their own presentations about kindness. What they know about it might surprise you, and remember, “no no one is perfect.”