Letter from the Executive Director

Hear from Dr. Jessica Gomez as she shares how she's remained positive through the work of the staff, community and families we partner with! 

By Momentous Institute | Nov 22, 2021
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Let’s take a pulse check.  How are you feeling about the start of a new year?

I find myself looking ahead with cautious optimism. It’s not because I believe that COVID-19 will disappear. (It won’t.) Or that all of our collective challenges are over. (They unfortunately aren’t!)

My positivity comes from:

  • Knowing that the team at Momentous Institute is ready to respond to a continually changing landscape. 
  • Believing that our community is full of people who are eager to support this transformative work. 
  • Taking heart from the countless examples of children and families who have persevered through these tough times, refusing to be defined by their challenges.

This is what made FLOURISHING, the theme of our 9th annual October Changing the Odds conference, so powerful. As I said during my opening remarks at this fantastic virtual event, how timely is it that we focused on flourishing while still trying to come out of what has been termed a “collective trauma” of a global pandemic and the countless obstacles many faced? There is much research on how people respond to trauma - how some thrive, while others wrestle with the impact. For all of us, there is a possibility for growth or transformation. We can develop new understandings of ourselves, the world we live in, how to relate to other people, a better understanding of how to live life, and determine the kind of future we might have (Tedeschi, 2016).

This unique time in history offers us this opportunity to re-examine our values and priorities, and how we NEED to move forward in order for all communities to thrive and flourish.

Thank you for supporting and believing in the work of social emotional health.