My Family's Wish for Me

What does my family hope for me? Momentous School students find out.

By Momentous Institute | Nov 16, 2015
Familys Wish For Me

As part of our emphasis on partnering with families for their child’s education, we have parents fill out vision statements. We ask parents to think about the adult that their child will become. You can watch a short video about our vision statements here
This year, we took vision statements a step further and included children in the process. We wanted students to be aware of what their parents hope for them. It is important for kids to remain grounded in their family values and vision. On our school home visits, each family filled out a vision statement for their child. Then each child pulled an excerpt from their parents’ vision statement. The “My Family's Wish for Me” displays are spread throughout our school, outside of each classroom. As kids walk through our halls, they’re constantly reminded of where they’re headed and the collective goal that their family and school have to help them become successful adults.

Hopes And Dreams Collage