Talk About It: A Conversation Starter Kit for Families

Ever have that “Sooo… how was your day?” conversation lull? We’ve all been there. That’s why we created “Talk About It! A Conversation Starter Kit for Families”. This digital download comes with conversation starters, tips for building great conversation, and even a template for a box so you can keep the cards on the table for easy conversation starters any time you’re gathered.  

By Momentous Institute | Nov 16, 2022
Talk About It 01

Raise your hand if this interaction sounds familiar:

How was your day?


Anything interesting happen?

Not really.

What did you do?

Not much.

You get the point. These types of general questions don’t often elicit the most thrilling feedback. Want to really get kids (and adults) talking? Try asking more fun questions!

In our Talk About It: A Conversation Starter Kit for Families, you’ll find everything you need to get started with fun family conversations. Build and decorate the box, fill it with cards, and – voila! – you’ve got yourself a table topper that will help spark fun and interesting conversation for many family meals to come. 

Download this item for free from our shop here. Just in time for the holidays!