Week of Wins

Celebrating the wins, not matter how big or small, is a great way to help manage your mental health. This post provides an activity to help you count the wins.

By Momentous Institute | Apr 22, 2021
Week Of Wins

Did you know that you’ve had a ton of WINS this week? That’s right, every day you’ve experienced a win!

What is a win?

A win can be anything, BIG or small. A win can be that you were recognized at work for the awesome job you’re doing, reaching a goal with a student, or it can be that you remembered to drink enough water today. We all have a tendency to fixate on the things that go wrong or that keep us from reaching a goal, and when that happens, it can be easy to forget that we also have a lot of wins each week.

So, are you up for a challenge? Yes? Great!

Using this template, you are going to record your wins for the week. Each day, write down any wins you experienced throughout the day. Remember, a win can be BIG or small –  it just needs to be something that you feel like celebrating and is meaningful to you.

When it comes to mental health, it is important to celebrate the wins. Having good mental health doesn’t mean that you are happy or feel positive all of the time. Part of having good mental health is being able to manage stress and negative emotions so that they don’t become overwhelming.

Celebrating your wins is a great way to help train your brain to see the all of the positive things that happen. That way, when you start to feel stressed about those math exams you meant to grade two days ago or your never ending to-do list, you can remember that you’ve been busy and have accomplished a ton of awesome things!