Why We Should Teach Kids About Their Brain

Momentous Institute
By Momentous Institute Oct 14, 2014

The brain guides everything that we do: our body’s movements, our decision making, and our emotions. We teach kids about the parts of their body, but why do we fail to mention this organ, the most important one of all?
At Momentous Institute, we believe that kids should be taught from an early age about the basic working of the brain. This empowers young children to learn how to control their brain, and by extension, their feelings and actions. Rather than feeling overwhelmed with a big emotion, a kid can identify the part of the brain that is reacting, and can use strategies to regulate the emotion. There is an enormous sense of power that comes with realizing that we control our brain!
The most important thing that we teach children about the brain is this: your brain can stretch and grow throughout your entire life. This simple message is so powerful. You can read more about Mindset here.
We will be sharing lots of brain activities and lessons here on the blog, so stay tuned. But to get us started, check out these little 3 year olds at Momentous School singing the Brain Song, written by their teacher, Juanita Cabrales.

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