You Are Doing Enough!

Sometimes you just need to be reminded that you are doing enough. So, consider this your reminder that, not matter what, you are doing enough.

By Momentous Institute | Apr 15, 2021
You Are Doing Enough

Hey! This is a quick reminder that you are doing enough!

Sometimes it can feel like no matter what you do, you aren’t doing enough. That is not the case. Even if you feel like you are doing the bare minimum, you are doing enough.

Did you just barely manage to get out of bed today and make it to work on time? Guess what, you did enough. Did you run a marathon today? Great, you also did enough.

Somedays you may feel like you can do EVERYTHING, and somedays you may feel like you can just do enough to get by. Either way, you are doing enough. You are enough!

To help you remember how awesome you are, we’ve created a fun activity page. So, close your eyes, take a deep breath and tell yourself, “I am doing enough. I am enough.”, and then get to coloring!