This is a simple game that can be played anywhere, any time with no props!


One of the best ways to tell how another person is feeling is body language and facial expressions. Spend a minute now and then asking kids to identify another person’s feelings based solely on body language. For example, on the playground you might point to a kid at the top of the slide and ask how she might be feeling. If a kid needs help, point out and name some of her facial expressions. “She is laughing and her eyes are wide open. What might she be feeling?” You can help by identifying some feelings first. “I think she’s feeling happy and excited to be on the slide. What do you think?”


You could do this guessing game anywhere. At the mall: “That woman is walking very fast. What do you think she might be feeling? She seems to be in a hurry. I think she is feeling anxious. What do you think?” At home: “Your brother is throwing his toys. What do you think he might be feeling? I think he is angry that it is bedtime.” At the library: “That little girl is sitting with her arms crossed. What do you think she might be feeling?”


The more kids practice talking about feelings, the better they’ll be at identifying them, which in turn allows them to feel empathy for others.

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