Remember that sweet little girl who couldn’t wait to see you at school pickup? Remember how she let you hold her hand when she was scared during movies? Remember when she and her little brother were best friends and would play for hours?

No really, remember that.

When she’s telling you to drop her off a block away from school, when she won’t even watch movies with you anymore, or when she’s slamming the door in her brother’s face, just stop. Close your eyes. And remember those sweet moments.

Inside that teenager daughter is that sweet little girl she once was. She may be hard to see during those frustrating moments, but she’s there. So we recommend that you print a picture of her during her prime sweetness years and display it on your desk, or set it as the background on your phone. Look at it as often as you need to in order to remind yourself of that sweet little girl. And next time she screams and slams the door, close your eyes and picture her. It makes it easier. We promise.

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