There are really two ways to navigate the world. We can move away from things we fear, or we can move towards things we love.

Fear is born out of love. It is a natural instinct to protect our kids and care for them. But if we spend all of our time moving away from fear, we are missing out. Running from fear leaves us feeling constricted. We are constantly searching for control of a situation.

On the other hand, if we move towards love, we are searching out what is best for our child. We aren’t running away from danger, we are running towards connection.

It can be hard to tell the difference between these two. Sometimes moving towards what we love also means moving away from something we fear. But there’s a quick way to tell which is guiding you. When we are reacting to fear, our bodies tense up. When we’re reacting to love, our bodies feel relaxed. Take a moment during your next decision-making opportunity to clue into what is happening in your body. If you feel that you’re running from fear, tell yourself to move away from fear. Move towards love. It will almost always change the conversation. 

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