A Day in the Life of Momentous School

What makes Momentous School so unique? Experience a day in the life with this video.

By Momentous Institute | May 15, 2015

Momentous School, a program of Momentous Institute, is our urban elementary school in Dallas for students age three through fifth grade. The school began in 1997, and was founded on the understandings we had gleaned from our decades of work in the mental health field. We are strengths-based, we value relationships and we prioritize social emotional health as much as our rigorous academics.
In response to many questions about our school and how it works, we have created this video: A Day in the Life of Momentous School. We hope you enjoy learning more about what makes our school unique! We know you’ll enjoy the cute kids. We love the privilege of seeing them every day in our hallways and classrooms. As our Executive Director says in the video, “They’re really cool human beings.”